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Oncology Clinics Frustrated With Manufacturer Engagement Tactics

Welcome to the June 2024 edition of our Monthly Insight Series! This month we’re discussing oncology clinic concerns with existing manufacturer engagement approaches, using data drawn from our 2024 Community Oncology report, coming later in June.

Ashutosh Sheth
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When Do Payer Pathways Matter?

While provider-initiated oncology clinical pathways are regaining momentum, payer pathways struggle to find a foothold in this space. Still, they can exert impact under certain conditions.

Cindy Chen
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IDNs’ Numerous Strategies and Tools to Manage High-Cost Drugs

Welcome to the May 2024 edition of our Monthly Insight Series. This month we’re exploring the new tools IDNs have deployed to monitor high-cost drugs. This is a preview of findings from our 2024 IDN Oncology Trend Survey, coming at the end of May.

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